Hakuoki SSL Epilogue – Sweet Present



Ho-ho! And this moment! Well, it was one of the best moments in the whole Hakuouki games series, concerning Saito’s routes. In comparison…in SSL game Saito-san kissed Chizuru with a strong and breathtaking passion. As you can see, Chizuru is taken aback shocked XD It is because he was so unsure at first, mumbling something about giving her a present for White Day and all, and then…and THEN! *3*

Chizuru: *?%*?:;(:)!!!!

We: *//////////////*

Saito-san: Mmmm…. *breaths out* Chizuru~ *breaths out* Mmmmm~

We: *nosebleed*

Chizuru: *tries to catch the remaining conscious after his cherishing kisses*

Phew~ She called him Hajime-san here. Yeah!  It was a pleasant result, since she just kept on calling him Saito-san in other Hakuouki games. We loved the way Saito-san breaths out her name. So gently and admiringly.

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