Spring 2017: Fushimi Inari Taisha, Nishihonganji, Nijou Castle, Osaka Castle

This was wonderful to read. I’m a big Hakuouki fan but also interested in reading about the Tokugawa generally and recently became more interested in the Nobunaga-Toyotomi-Tokugawa consolidation of Japan, so seeing the (I assume significantly reconstructed?) Osaka Castle was great! It’s nice to hear comments from an “otome eye view”!

Hakuoki SSL Epilogue – Sweet Present



Ho-ho! And this moment! Well, it was one of the best moments in the whole Hakuouki games series, concerning Saito’s routes. In comparison…in SSL game Saito-san kissed Chizuru with a strong and breathtaking passion. As you can see, Chizuru is taken aback shocked XD It is because he was so unsure at first, mumbling something about giving her a present for White Day and all, and then…and THEN! *3*

Chizuru: *?%*?:;(:)!!!!

We: *//////////////*

Saito-san: Mmmm…. *breaths out* Chizuru~ *breaths out* Mmmmm~

We: *nosebleed*

Chizuru: *tries to catch the remaining conscious after his cherishing kisses*

Phew~ She called him Hajime-san here. Yeah!  It was a pleasant result, since she just kept on calling him Saito-san in other Hakuouki games. We loved the way Saito-san breaths out her name. So gently and admiringly.

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Hakuoki SSL – Valentine Day’s Confession



This moment in the game….it just blew our minds out XD   Toriumi-san was so kind to voice Saito-san in a manner that only he can do. When Hajime-san confessed to Chizuru with his “SUKI DA YO, CHIZURU” while gasping and blushing, we got showered with a strong wave of romance, that even our hearts started to beat faster! You know….we have never felt like that before. It was the first time we reacted to the game so naturally, hehe. And Chizuru….we bet she fainted right away after such sincere confession XDDD
It was a moment of a lifetime!~

And we want to add that seiyuu-tachi voiced the game amazingly! It seems that they enjoyed voicing it just a little too much, hahaha.

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